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Skin Care

Our skin is truly amazing. As the largest organ in the human body it constantly works hard to protect us. Apart from the obvious job of holding us all together, our skin has numerous other important functions, including:

  • Providing a protective barrier against mechanical, thermal and physical injury and hazardous substances
  • Preventing loss of moisture
  • Reducing the harmful effects of UV radiation
  • Acting as a sensory organ, for example to touch
  • Helping to regulate body temperature
  • Acting as an immune organ to detect infections
  • Producing vitamin D

So yes our skin is amazing, yet sadly many of us fail to care for it. Sometimes that is quite simply because we don't quite know what it needs. When it comes to anti-ageing skin care, there are so many products out there to choose from - and they all claim to make you look wonderful! Many of the anti-ageing products available on the high street will typically only address the surface of the skin. These products may smell nice and make your skin feel nice but they often have no or very small amounts of active anti aging ingredients. They generally do very little to improve the skin at a cellular level as they are unable to penetrate down to the deeper levels of the skin.

Here at JoMae we have done our research and taken a scientific approach to the products that we choose to use and promote. This means we are proud to promote Neostrata products - because they contain higher levels of active ingredients and their clinical evidence is robust. The creators of Neostrata, Dr. Van Scott and Dr. Yu, are recognised as visionaries and leaders in the field of cosmetic dermatology. Their products are year on year winners of the 'Best Cosmeceutical Range' in the medical aesthetic industry in the United Kingdom.

The Neostrata range of products has been proven to be effective across a wide range of patients with photodamaged skin who are looking to tackle the signs of ageing including: skin laxity, wrinkles, crow's feet, disclouration, under eye puffiness, and rough, dull skin.

Patients with a variety of skin types and dermatological conditions, including rosacea, hyperpigmentation, severe dryness and acne can also be treated with Neostrata. The price of individual products range from approximately £30 - £86. Discounts are available when two or more products are purchased at the same time.

To discuss the most appropriate products for your individual skin type please book a free consultation